Mega Alimentos

La Botanera Clásica. (Classic)

La “Mera Mera” since 1989. Since 1989 La botanera has excelled by its taste and quality, positioning itself as “La Botanera Clasica”

La Botanera muy picante. (Very spicy)

“La Botanera muy picante” (Very spicy) distinguishes itself for being spicier than “La Botanera Clásica”. Its ideal for people who love strong and hot flavors, it goes with everything: seafood, meat, soup, etc.

“La Botanera con Limón” (With Lemon)

Delicious flavor derived from “La Botanera Clasica”. It’s lemon ingredient gives a sourly-kick that people love.

As La Botanera Clasica, La Botanera con Limón goes well with everything.

La Botanera Sodium reduced.

The same flavor of La Botanera Clasica that you already love but with 80{93e0ea97201a43499805dfb9b848e90c800c0ffeacb0811d3f35c9180e6f5109} less sodium. Ideal for people who want to have a balanced diet but still want to enjoy “La Mera Mera” flavor with snacks, fruits or anything you like.

Ideal for you who wants to eat healthy and still enjoy the great taste of “La Mera Mera” with your meals.

La Botanera Casera Verde.

La Botanera gren sauce. For all of your home made meals or snacks, you decide!. This delicious sauce made from jalapeños, onion and coriander is here to stay. La Mera Mera is now Homemade salsa verde!

La Botanera Chilito.

La mera mera know comes in chilito powder! The lemon and powder pepper its a great combination to enjoy with fruits, vegetables and in all your meals or snacks. It is made from natural peppers, without preservatives.

La Botanera Pulpita Light

Our Bittersweer sauce in light version is sweetened with Stevia and it’s ideal for fruits and vegetables. Made fron natural peppers without preservatives.